Tallan's Show Results & Critiques

              Milton Keynes 2003 - Hazel Fitzgibbon


               Newmarket 2003 - Bryn Cadodgan


Impressive white that was so well balanced, pleasing head with clean front and bone, compact body, good top line with high set on and good carriage, coat and condition very good, moved soundly with presence.

     Birmingham National 2003 - Roger Thomas

1st Post Grad Dog

White, quite a showman, Nicely made and compact. Good breadth of skull. Nice wedge, dark eye, good pigmentation and smal erect ears. Just enough bone, good shoulder. Short loin and strong rearend. neat feet, moved out well.

          Nuneaton & District 2003 - Bob Gregory

1st Post Grad, BEST OF BREED, GROUP 2

A white dog of sound constrution, loved the head and expression, good size, balance and bone, correct in coat, ribbing and action on the move.

                   Crufts 2003 - Averil M Cawthera

1st Post Grad Dog

Harsh white with good shape, excellent pigmentation, eye and ear giving the most pleasing head, moved with style and grace.

        Nuneaton & District 2003 - Suzanne Storm

1st Post Grad

White dog, correct spitz wedge head, good earset & pigmentation, correct bite, good substance, well muscled body, nice spring of rib, excellent harsh top coat texture, nice catlike feet.

                  LKA 2002 - Sandra Cadlow

2nd Post Grad Dog

Nice dog, good firm body, good head, dark eye, nice outline standing, moved well coming.

             German Spitz Club 2002 - Julie Smith

1st Post Grad Dog

Well presented white, good head, correct ears & eye shape, good bone, well ribbed, harsh coat, well set tail.

                    Driffield 2002 - F J Leonard

1st Post Grad Dog

Smart white dog, very alert, good shower.