Rossfort Caractacus From Liubice



Nemo Aus Dem Norden (imp) x Rossfort Henrietta 

Bred by Mrs Molly Hunter
 29/11/03 - 02/02/17
KC/BVA/ISDS Eye Test Clear 14/11/04, Patella Luxation tested clear.
Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award
CRUFTS Qualified For Ife
BEST PUPPY IN SHOW at the German Spitz Club Champ Show 2004
Graded EXCELLENT by Mrs A Rubens at the GS Breeders and Owners Club Breed Survey 2005
BEST OF BREED at Richmond 2006
BEST DOG at Darlington 2006
RCC,s at Three Counties 2007, Windsor 2007, SKC 2008 and LKA 2008

Graded EXCELLENT by Georg Walter at the GS Breeders and Owners Club Breed Survey 2007

I am very greatful to Molly Hunter for the gift of Bert. She phoned me a few days after I lost Tallan, to tell me how sorry she was and that she had a litter of puppies by Nemo and one of the dogs was mine if I wanted it. I only really knew Molly well enough to say hello to then, if I saw her at a show, so i was amazed by her kindness. At the time i wasn't sure if I wanted another dog, but after a week went by we decided it would be the right thing for us. Herbert was not my choice of the two dog puppies, that goes to my husband, who had Bert in the car before I had even seen the other dog puppy.