Fen's Show Results and Critiques

RIchmond 2012

1st Open Bitch, BCC - her crowning third!

Windsor 2012

2nd Open Bitch, RBCC

Birmingham National

1st Open Bitch, BCC & BOS

Fully developed, bitch with substance, excellent head and foreface, dark eyes, long neck and strong back, well carried tail, good underline and movement. CC and BB.

Cheltenham & District - Pat Gregory

1st Open & BOB
Pleasing type, good head sahpe, nice eye, and ears, good legs and feet, good body and outline, moved soundly.

Kensington CS

1st Open, BOB, & Shortlisted in Group

beautifully constructed cream bitch, lovely head and eye shape, really good expression, sound front and rear, good tailset, moved extremely well holding her shape at all times, BOB.

GSBOC - Mrs Lawton Anderson

1st Limit Bitch & RBB

WELKS 2011 - Sandra Caldow

1st Limit Bitch - RBCC

Excellent conformation throughout, firm body, good head shape, with good eye shape and placement, neat ears nicely placed. Good tailset. Moved out well and round the ring with ease.

BUBA 2011 - Nicky Garbutt

1st Open and BOB

Hinkley & District 2011- Lady K.S. Hickson

1st Open & BOB

Boston 2011 - T Ball

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch

Quality cream who was good for size. Excellent compact outline with firm neck of correct length, level topline and high set tail. Feminine headpiece of good proportions, dark eye of correct shape and well set ears. Good mouth. Moved out very well when viewed from the side. Best Bitch.

SWKA 2010 - Christine Hughes

1st Junior Bitch

Pleasing short -coupled white bitch, dark oval shaped eyes,  small ears, good front, moderatly short neck, good bone, level topline, high set tail, moved well.


Driffield 2010 - Janette Taylor

1st Junior Bitch

Cream, has dark pigment, which enhanced her nice head shape and well set ears, and shape, lovely to go over, showed lots of sparkle and character, a good example of the breeds temperament.

GSBO&C Open Show 2010 - Toni Jackson

1st Junior Bitch, 1st Sp Yearling Bitch, Best Bitch, Best of Breed and BEST IN SHOW

Beautiful cream of excellent shape, compact square proportions and excellent angulation which showed on the move to give light easy stride, covering ground well and very positive front and rear.  Attractive head, correct wedge with beautiful oval eye of dark brown.  Well boned legs to very neat tight feet.  Excellent tail set, and beautifully handled, BB/BOB & BIS.

East of England 2010 - Claire Andrew

1st Junior Bitch - BCC

Beautifully balanced feminine cream bitch, excellent coat texture, moved soundly all ways. super profile and gorgeous head.

Windsor 2010 - Mark Coccoza

1st Junior Bitch. RBCC

Feminine cream bitch with substance, beautifully balanced,  excellent head, eye, ears, tail and coat, free brisk mover.

Birmingham National 2010 - Brian Bennett

1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch. BEST PUPPY IN BREED

Nice Feminine head. Good Outline. Showed and moved very well. One to watch,Best Puppy.

 WELKS - Frank Kane

1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch

GS Club of GB Open Show 2010 - Lisa Moir

1st Puppy Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed and  BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

The most gorgeous feminine wedge shaped head and expression. Neat well set ears. Lovely dark eye and pigment. Well coated and presented in immaculate coniditon. Good reach of neck, and depth of chest. Well sprung rib.  Good tail carriage, well boned, neat front & moderately angulated rear giving good drive on the move. A very promising youngster. (R.B.B. & BPIS)

BUBA Open Show 2010 - Adi Chambers

1st Puppy, 1st Junior BEST PUPPY

A 9 month old White female of superb type. Excellent head qualities with a keen attentive expression, correct pigment, ears set good and alert. Strong neck of good length but not over done leading into well set shoulders. Tailset high and well feathered, coat of correct texture, nice square conformation excellent rear angles. Sound from all directions and moved with a brisk, effortless gait a rarity in this breed at the moment, presented in tip top condition with good muscle tone. BP

Sutton Coldfield 2010 - Pam Rolleston

1st Junior, BEST PUPPY & RBOB

Pretty  8 month Cream Bitch correct head and sweet expression good pigmentation a correct scissor bite and dentition in clean condition, moderate neck set in to well placed shoulders, of moderate proportions and well-balanced, was very settled for such a youngster moved and showed well today, it was a close call against her litter mate

Manchester 2010 - Mary Deats

2nd Puppy Bitch - CRUFTS Qualified

Litter sister to puppy dog class winner, she also has a beatiful head and lovely to go over, quite well balanced, moves well, very good body shape, two excellent examples of the breed





 Boston 2010 - Simone Sear

1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy Bitch, Best Bitch


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