Morningalm Chamoise's Show Results and Critiques

'Kiera' - Handled By Jess Thurston

Manchester 2017 - Anne MacDonald

1st Open Bitch

BUBA 2015 - Derek Smith

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Import Register

Self red, Jindo, shown in lovely condition, pretty head, so well made, very sound & very showy, lovely temperament.

Driffield 2015 - Mr E M Paterson JP

1st Open Bitch, & Best Bitch

Mother to the other two, ultra sound both ways, lovely head and eye, good body and quarters. Moved well. A lovely breed who I am sure will increase in popularity. 

Richmond 2015 - Anne MacDonald

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Import Register

Red bitch with a very nice head, excellent ears, strong muzzle, good neck & overall body proportions. Good tailset & carriage. An active free mover. BB, BOB.

Leeds 2015 - Derek Smith

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Import Register

This Jindo is the dam of the two puppies. She has a lovely head, well balanced outline & a lovely body & coat. Very good tail & she is sound too. BIR day 1.

East of England 2015 - Tim Ball

1st Open Bitch, & Best Bitch

Mature red Korean Jindo, approaching 5 years, & dam to the three youngsters shown here. She pleased for her overall type and presented a well balanced outlinewith medium length of neck level topline and well sprung rib. Strong loin & nice high set curled tail. Feminine head with dark almond shaped eye and good ears for size and set. Moderate layback of shoulder, elbows close to the body & nice straight forelegs. Moving freely with moderate length of stride. Excellent temperament. BB.

Windsor 2015 - Mark Cocozza

1st Open Bitch

Birmingham National 2015 -  Andrew Brace

1st Open Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch


WELKS 2015 - Vic Salt

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Import Register

Well presented bitch with a very feminine head and expression. Dark almond shaped eye, clean slightly arched neck giving a proud head carriage, straight front, level topline and ribs well sprung, stands parallel behind moved soundly with style. BB & BOB

BUBA Open 2015

1st Open & Best Import Register

Crufts 2015

1st Open Bitch

East of England 2014

1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Import Register 

Very feminine mature lady with alert expression straight front muscular neck leading to a level topline & well angulated quarters moved soundly BB. BIR.   R Wright

Birmingham National 2014

1st Open Bitch, - Best Bitch - Best Imp Register

BUBA 2013

1st Open Bitch, - Best Bitch - Best Imp Register

East of England 2013

1st Open Bitch & Best Bitch

Windsor 2013 -

1st Open Bitch, - Best Bitch - Best Imp Register

Birmingham National 2013 - Bill Brown-Cole

1st Open Bitch, - Best Bitch - Best Imp Register

Thurston's Morningcalm Chamoise. Korean Jindo. Beautiful head and expression, ample neck, good body proportions, excellent set on, couldn't stand wrong, in excellent coat and condition. BB, BOB.

Boston 2013

Reserve Best Bitch

The National 2012 - Liz Cartledge

2nd AV Imp Post Grad - Res Best Bitch - CRUFTS Quailified.

Korean Jindo of 20 mths, charming bitch, good  head and eyes, correct ear carriage, lean and fit, clean and well presented  coat, not moving as well in front as first, handled to best advantage, relaxed  showgirl.

Cheltenham & District 2012 - Pat Gregory

1st AV Imp Junior

Well balance bitch, feminie expression, correct shaped almond eye, good ears, strong bone, moved with drive.

BUBA 2011

1st AV Imp Post Grad, Best Bitch & Best Opersite Sex

Korean Jindo of lovely type and size alert expression,  good head, neat ear straight front correct topline and a well set tail. I  thought she could carry a touch more weight to advantage well textured coat.

Kensinton CS 2011

1st AV Imp Open, Best Import

Correct head shape, broad skull with pointed muzzle, well placed dark  eye, clean bite, good front assembly and body coming along nicely. Handled well and moved effortlessly. BOB.

BUBA 2011 - Marita Rogers

1st AV Imp Junior, BP and Best Import


Hinkley & District CS - Vanessa Cox

1st AV Imp Puppy - Best Puppy

Thurston's Morningcalm Chamosie with Liubice, Korean Jindo. 6 mths youngster, attractive triangular wedge head, neat ears and dark almond eyes. Good lay of shoulder, firm topline and good spring of rib, harsh jacket with well curled tail. Moved out well, just a tad close behind, but plenty of time to develop. Best Import Reg Puppy.

Crufts 2017

WOW what a day

Red 1st Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy In Breed

Dylan 2nd Puppy Dog, & 1st Junior Dog

Blu 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed

Mia 1st Puppy Bitch

Taylor 1st Post Grad Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch

Kiera 3rd Open Bitch

So very proud of the whole team, owners and handlers.

Manchester 2017

A great day for the team, we took 7 Jindo's and came away with six firsts, one second, Best Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy.

Boston 2017

Great start to the year with all 3 pups qualifying for Crufts on their first outing,


As we have had puppies this year, things have been very quiet on the showing side. 
However after just 3 shows over the year, Kiera is again top Brood Bitch and Liubice is top breeder.

Crufts 2016

The white girls had a great Crufts, with Liubice Arabella winning 1st Post Grad Bitch, and Liubice Artemis winning 1st Junior Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch