Jindo's We've Breed

'A' Litter - Morningcalm Red Rooster x Morningcalm Chamoise D.O.B. 05/10/14

Liubice Allegra

Liubice  Amaryllis

Liubice Arkle via Caoilta 

Liubice Arabella 

Liubice Artemis

Liubice Ayra

Liubice Atticus 


'B' Litter - Morningcalm Red Rooster x Morningcalm Chamoise D.O.B.24/06/16

Liubice Bohemia

Liubice Beaujolais 

Liubice Brexit via Caoilta 

Liubice Blizzard

Liubice Babushka

Liubice Burnell


 'C' Litter - Morningcalm Skyfall x Liubice Arabella  D.O.B. 08/11/17

Liubice Camisha

Liubice Clarence

Liubice Clifford


Crufts 2017

WOW what a day

Red 1st Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy In Breed

Dylan 2nd Puppy Dog, & 1st Junior Dog

Blu 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed

Mia 1st Puppy Bitch

Taylor 1st Post Grad Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch

Kiera 3rd Open Bitch

So very proud of the whole team, owners and handlers.

Manchester 2017

A great day for the team, we took 7 Jindo's and came away with six firsts, one second, Best Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy.

Boston 2017

Great start to the year with all 3 pups qualifying for Crufts on their first outing,


As we have had puppies this year, things have been very quiet on the showing side. 
However after just 3 shows over the year, Kiera is again top Brood Bitch and Liubice is top breeder.

Crufts 2016

The white girls had a great Crufts, with Liubice Arabella winning 1st Post Grad Bitch, and Liubice Artemis winning 1st Junior Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch